How to get app rating & reviews

App ratings and reviews is Interesting. Easy. Affordable. Pragmatic. 

App ratings and reviews have a significant impact on a consumer's decision to download or not download an app. Rating and Reviews largely impact your app store optimization (ASO) and thus, app store ranking.Having a highly rated app will help you rise in ranking and stand out from your competitors, while the opinion expressed in reviews play an important role in converting app store visitors.

How to get more app Rating and Reviews ?

Gathering more Rating and Reviews is all about timing. If you’re not ranking in the top 10 positions for relevant keywords your app won’t be found by app store visitors.


  • Get a head start as soon as you launch.
  • Use in-app pop-up messages.
  • Use push notifications.
  • Use App Engagement Ads.
  • Use targeted email
  • Counteract negative feedback
  • Respond to feedback

Why App Rating and Reviews is so important ?

Generally 60 percent users checks the rating of the app before they install the app, if the app having more rating which would directly affect the number of downloads.

Positive app store reviews can increase organic installs, reduce acquisition cost.

Marketing Strategy for App Rating and App Review.

Big app industry plan for an app marketing strategy months before the launch of their app, which lead to make huge impact for the particular app. Always try to gain good review or good feedback by using the social media strategy. Using the marketing strategy into the app publishing always make the huge impact, if you are not getting the better review, then make sure you should have a handful industry leader, who can provide the full detail about the app.

Care for your Rating

If the Rating and Review are down of any app

Decreases in the demand of the app

Generally users checks the rating of the app before they install the apps. After examining and analysing all the review's they get them idea about the app. The thing which have lower ratings are less in demand, so are the apps. Fewer people will download and access it.

Stop downloading the app

If rating and reviews go down for an application, people will not download it because they still prefer high rated app. The thing is that people always keep useful applications on their phones. People think that Top-rated apps are more useful and beneficial

Decrease the accessibility of the app

The app with higher ratings and reviews is more likely accessible than the lower rated apps. If grade and discussions of the app are down. People will not find it at the top because people search certain keyword apps related to that keyword having higher rating and reviews.

The ranking will drop

The applications which are having high rates and reviews are showing on the above of all other apps in the play store. Also considering the best app among all, you need to scroll down and find the application which has high ratings before but now its rank is dropped due to some reasons.

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