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DUTTA INNOVATIONS provides the WHITE BOARD ANIMATION VIDEO. We give our best service to create white board animation video. Our team is excellent for this animation.

WHITE BOARD EXPLAINER VIDEO : - A white board is also an explainer video in which animation is hand drawn and erased on a white board. This format of video has become popular due to low cost and making it one of the cheapest types of explainer video to create.

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About Whiteboard Video

Firstly you need to know what is white board animation?

WHITE BOARD ANIMATION is the process which is physically drawn by an author and also record and illustrated story on WHITE BOARD Or WHITE BOARD LIKE SURFACE.

Our company provide 4 traditional style of WHITE BOARD ANIMATION: –
1. Stitch board
2. Note pad
3. Glass board
4. Black board

Best Whiteboard Video Agency In India


Whiteboard Video Company In Kolkata

Our team give you BEST SERVICE IN India FOR WHITE BOARD ANIMATION. If we have new project about any animation video. Then, first of all our team is planned and then discussed about it. Then we provide this animation. 

Our process help us to make Best Whiteboard Animation Agency in India

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Pricing Plan

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3000 / Video

30 Sec Length
1 Voiceover
1 Revision


4000 / Video

60 sec Length
1 Voiceover
1 Revision


6500 / Video

60 Sec Length
2 Language Voiceover
Max 2 Revision

How we make a successful white board animated video step by step: -

Start with the script.
When you start writing about script, it will make damn good. But you need to three things in mind: –
1. The hook
2. The core message
3. The CTA

• Firstly we define our mission.

• Story board in sequence

• Understand our audience and sales funnels.

• Then we compose a script

• Record the voice over

• Choose your white board style.
• Choose your stroke style and colour.
• Explore the world’s and collect white board animation library.
• Animate white board video.
• Sync audio and video.
• Add music.
• Preview and export.

• Then last market and promote.